The Experience Potluck

β€œYou Will Now Be Reunited”

Role: Event Producer, Experience Designer

A series of intimate events in Los Angeles. Just like a potluck, but instead of food people bring experiences to share. Founded on the premise that when given context and permission to share, everyone and everything is a kind genius.

Some examples from previous events:

  • Guided meditation led by a dog

  • Sing an original song while 12 people collaborate on a planter

  • Sourdough bread ceremony

  • Dodge lasers to steal a diamond

  • Be told nice, perceptive, true things about yourself through writing in a silent room

  • Eat popcorn while viewing yourself from the third person through a camera and video goggles

  • Type into a keyboard and the words are spoken to you in real-time, with eye contact

  • Certify anything you wish with a certificate, signed by two witnesses

  • Take a photo of your left hand

  • Flavor tripping




Role: Event Producer, Experience Designer

A single audience member walks into a space, and 100 people provide an experience for them for 90 seconds.

This work will explore themes of swarming, community, AI, instructions, crowds, and what it means to be seen.


Dance Balloon

Heal your birth trauma while protecting yourself from the sun

Role: Experience Designer