Juxtapoz Art & Culture

Role: Editor of New Media / Technology

From 2010-2012, I was the Editor of New Media / Technology at Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine, the #1 circulated art magazine in the USA.

I was responsible for a monthly 2500 word feature and photo portrait, mostly profiling artists working with emerging technology. I am grateful for the opportunity to meet these artists, create some long-lasting friendships, and expose them to a potentially new audience. The typical Juxtapoz feature covers artists working in paint, illustration, tattoos, toy design, graffiti, and street art. From a business perspective, it was a good thing for the magazine to open up a new frontier of advertising buyers – software, hardware, technology focused education, video games.

Below are four samples, with links to PDFs available to read.

David OReilly


Aaron Koblin


Evan Roth


Eric Yahnker

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