Short-Form Video


Super Deluxe

Role: Director, Editor


Upper Playground

Product Videos

Role: Creative Director, Animator

In the earlier days of YouTube, we brought our art lifestyle products, collectibles, and t-shirt graphics to life as a way to merchandise and generate traffic to our online store.

These were produced, from start to finish, at a rate of 3-6 per day.

For example, this video:

For merchandising this product:


A stretch goal of this project was to have video screens in the stores, with looping animations or other custom video content, with the product displayed directly below.

A few more examples:


The Bay Ban Show

A series of animated shorts chronicling the day-to-day life of Kid, Old Man, and Sloth Girl, who all wear the same model of sunglasses.

Made in one day, to promote the release of the sunglasses

Role: Writer, Director, Animator


Documentary Shorts


900 Bats

900 Bats was a website I ran with my friends Aesop Rock and Justin Metros from 2010-2012.

It featured posts of original creative content every weekday. 

Role: Co-Founder, Editor, Contributor

With regular contributions from:

  • Rob Sonic

  • Kimya Dawson

  • Justin 'Coro' Kaufman

  • Alex Pardee

  • Jeremy Fish

  • Hanni El Khatib

  • Cage

  • F. Sean Martin

  • Edison


Riff of the Ages w/ F. Sean Martin


Beats on the Streets w/ Edison